The General Data Protection Regulation, or ‘GDPR’, came into effect on May 25, 2018, introducing the most sweeping and comprehensive changes to consumer data protection in the past 20 years. These new regulations have been intended to give users more control over how their personal data is used.

IPONWEB and BidSwitch have always taken data protection very seriously, and we have welcomed the GDPR initiative as an opportunity to re-engage our partners and deepen our commitment to data protection and the rights of individual consumers.

Our Classification Under the GDPR

The GDPR introduces two classifications for data handling.

  • Data Controllers – the entity that determines the purposes, conditions and means of the processing of personal data, given that they have a legal basis to do so
  • Data Processors – the entity that collects and handles personal data received from a controller. Processors may only process personal data as expressly directed by a controller.

In the services provided to our clients for the purpose of powering digital advertising systems and technologies, IPONWEB is considered a Data Processor under the GDPR. As a Data Processor, IPONWEB only processes personal data in the EU in accordance with our clients’ needs and instructions, and only when legal basis as defined by the GDPR for processing that data exists.

IPONWEB does not use a Client’s data for any purpose other than those specified by the Client, nor do we share it with any other parties unless explicitly instructed to do so by the Client.

Supporting the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework

Both IPONWEB and BidSwitch fully support the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework, and can work with our partners to implement that framework, or others of their choosing, in their own trading systems. Both companies are also listed on the IAB’s global vendor list.

Additional Resources

IPONWEB is fully committed to being GDPR compliant and working with our partners to support their own GDPR compliance efforts now and in the future. We support an open and transparent digital advertising ecosystem that simultaneously values consumer privacy and data protection.

Email [email protected] for more information, questions, or concerns.